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Preparing a French-language Services Plan

Each designated public institution listed in the French-language services legislation is required to prepare an annual French-language Services Plan. French-language Services Plans serve to guide the work of departments and designated public institutions in developing and delivering services in French.

The French-language Services Regulations set out a number of requirements relating to the content and development of French-language Services Plans.


Content of French-language Services Plans

A French-language Services Plan must describe the following:

(1) How the designated public institution’s staff have been instructed to respond to verbal and written requests from the public to communicate in French;

(2) The French-language services offered by the designated public institution;

(3) The steps the designated public institution will take to preserve or improve its French-language services in the fiscal year;

(4) The specific goals and objectives that have been established for improving French-language services and the specific measures that it will take to achieve them;

(5) How the plan will contribute to the preservation and growth of the Acadian and francophone community;

(6) The designated public institution’s progress in achieving any specific goals and objectives set for the previous fiscal year’s plan.


Setting Goals and Objectives

When setting goals and objectives for improving French-language services, designated public institutions must give priority to services for which:

(1) There is a demand from the Acadian and francophone community to be provided in French;

(2) Failure to provide the services in French may compromise the health, safety, or security of members of the public.